Bao Shi hair vitamins are a synergy of ancient herbal remedies and new scientific research aimed at reducing thinning hair and reviving gray hair. Each Bao Shi formulation contains a host of potent herbal compounds reputed to promote thicker, healthy hair growth.

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"Thank you for a superior product... I will continue to use it and spread the good word."
Peter A., FL
"The hair near my forehead was the first to start changing color from grey to medium brown, and then to dark brown. My hair is now thickening on top as well."
Kay R., VA
"After using Bao Shi for 4 weeks, I have stopped my hair loss. Now I am taking it for regrowth."
Henry W., CA
"Bao Shi is amazing. I noticed the roots of my gray hair turned brown again"
Eleni M., Rocky Hill, CT
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What can Bao Shi do for you?
  • make you look younger
  • boost your confidence
  • reduce thinning hair
  • revive graying hair
  • encourage healthy hair growth
  • promote longer, thicker hair
  • solve hair problems