Bao Shi Hair Vitamins are specially formulated with a potent blend of Chinese herbs including Ho Shou Wu and are ideal for:

  • reducing thinning hair
  • reviving graying hair
  • encouraging healthy hair growth
  • promoting longer, thicker hair
  • solving hair problems

Most hair problems including thinning hair, graying hair, brittle or dry hair can be attributed to hormonal imbalaces or nutritional deficiencies. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Herbalists believe that unhealthy kidney and liver function can contribute to hair and scalp problems. The traditional herbals ingredients in the Bao Shi formula make it an excellent kidney and liver tonic. Bao Shi hair vitamins contain nutrient rich herbal formulas that are invaluable for stimulating new hair growth, restoring dull, lifeless hair.

Bao Shi Original Formula Hair Nutrients

For centuries Asian men & women have used special herbs for healthy, fuller hair with more lustrous, youthful color. Their secret is now available to you. Bao Shi (meaning "precious gem") hair vitamins are an ancient remedy of whole medicinal herbs that work together to promote healthy hair growth, and reduce graying hair. Order Now >

Bao Shi Advanced Men's Hair Vitamins

A remarkable remedy of whole herbs and potent hair nutrients that also contains the powerful DHT Blocker saw palmetto to reduce thinning hair. For centuries, Asian men have used this extraordinary herbal hair formula for healthy, thicker hair with youthful color. Their secret is now available to you. These vital nutrients are key for optimum hair growth. Order Now >

Bao Shi Advanced Women's Hair Vitamins

This advanced remedy contains intensive hair nutrients for healthy hair growth in women. In addition, these nutrients help maintain youthful hair color and work to reduce graying hair. Asian women have used these herbals for centuries, now their secret is available to you. Order Now >