Read Bao Shi reviews from satisfied customers on how the product worked for them. These testimonials show that Bao Shi herbal hair vitamins can help normal everyday men and women stop thinning hair and graying hair.

"I love what Bao Shi has done for my hair! I have used so many other treatments, and nothing has made my hair so healthy and thick."
Sue Ellen D., West Bloomfield, MI

"Bao Shi is great! I saw results in my hair growth & color. I tell all my friends about it."
Rafe F., Flushing, NY

"Iíve been using the Bao Shi for 6-7 weeks now, the results are amazing! I started off with fine baby hair and slowly but surely the hairs are becoming darker and thicker, even up on the hairline. Thank you for a superior product... I will continue to use it and spread the good word."
Peter A., FL

"Bao Shi made my hair grow, and a lot of the gray went away. I am very pleased with this product. Also I have not had any side effects. I will keep using Bao Shi until all of my gray goes away."
Alta B., Las Vegas, NV

"I love Bao Shi. It made my hair soft and silky, and also colored my grays. Keep up the good work. Your products are great!"
Verna D., Tulsa, OK

"After using Bao Shi for 4 weeks, I have stopped my hair loss. Now I am taking it for regrowth."
Henry W., CA

"Bao Shi is a life saver. I had been graying for a few years and I was afraid I would have to dye my hair. I started taking Bao Shi a few months ago, and my husband actually noticed my hair was darker."
Maria M.,

"After 4 weeks, my hair stopped or slowed down shedding on my pillow and in the shower drain after showering."
Andy H., NY

"In the month that I have used Bao Shi, my hair has become softer, silky and grew twice the length that it was before I started using it. My hair is getting back its natural color (black). It is wonderful!! Thank you for Bao Shi."
Lou M., Houston. TX

"After using Bao Shi for a month or so, Iíve noticed my roots are growing faster and Iím losing less hair than before. I also noticed gray eyebrow hairs have returned to their darker color. Thank you for the ongoing improvements."
Pamela C., Dallas, NC

"I have been taking Bao Shi for 5 weeks and my hair is not brittle any more. Thereís new growth and luster to my hair now."
P.D., Danbury, CT

"Bao Shi has made my hair long, thick, and has turned my hair from gray to its natural black color!"
Gisele J., Philadelphia, PA

"I had a terrible rash on my face for many years and I noticed it cleared up after using Bao Shi. Also, I was 80 to 90 % gray and now itís a lot less. I can now go longer in between with coloring my hair."
Joni D., Hudsonville, MI

"Before I started taking Bao Shi, my roots were completely white. Well, after about 6 weeks on Bao Shi, I am noticing a definite difference. My hairdresser, who I see on a regular basis, was also amazed when he noticed how much dark growth was coming out. I am very grateful for Bao Shi, and at this rate, I anticipate having my youthful hair color back within the next several months! Thank you for a truly amazing product!"
Carolyn L.,

"I just wanted to thank you for the incredible restorative hair product that I purchased from your online store. This Bao Shi is absolutely incredible stuff."
Kevin W., CA

"My hair is not brittle anymore. There is now some new growth and luster to my hair now."
P.F. Deford,

"Amazing, after only five weeks, the roots of my gray hair turned brown again! I wall always use it and tell others about it!"

"I am so happy with the Bao Shi! It is the only product that has ever worked for me. My hair is already beginning to grow back. I am thrilled with the results."
Robin D., GA

"I have had numerous compliments about my hair. Everyone seems to notice the shine plus the length. I am pleased!"
B.H., Camano Island, WA

"The hair near my forehead was the first to start changing color from grey to medium brown, and then to dark brown. My hair is now thickening on top as well."
Kay R., VA