Stop thinning hair with Bao Shi Hair Vitamins, specially formulated with a potent blend of Chinese herbs

Thinning hair is very common for both men and women. By age 50, nearly half of all men and women experience some hair thinning. There are a number of internal and external causes that can contribute to a thinner head of hair. Somewhere around age 20 our hair is at its thickest. As we age, a combination of factors can prevent the hair from following its regular growth process which results in thinning, brittle hair, as well as graying.

Recognized Causes of Thinning Hair:

  • Heredity (Androgenetic alopecia)
  • Natural aging
  • Medical disorders
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Nutritional deficiencies

Men and women tend to experience thinning differently. Men's hair tends to thin out around the hairline, at the back of the head, and at the crown; a woman’s hair thinning is more spread out over the area between the bangs and the crown of the head. This is why we hear men refer to "bald spots" and "receding hairlines," while women refer to "see-through" hair.

There are many treatments available today to help combat hair loss and thinning ranging from serums, vitamins and even lasers combs. Some of the available treatments do have side-effects; therefore, herbal-based remedies are often the choice for many people who are looking for a safe and effective treatment.

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Herbalists believe that unhealthy kidney and liver function can contribute to hair and scalp problems. The traditional herbal ingredients found in natural supplements such as Bao Shi make it an excellent kidney and liver tonic. When the kidneys and liver are functioning properly, there are many health benefits including a healthy scalp and head of hair. Bao Shi vitamins’ potent blend of Chinese herbs and Ho Shou Wu has been found to stimulate new hair growth and restore dull, brittle hair.

Bao Shi Benefits:

  • reduces thinning hair
  • revives graying hair
  • encourages healthy hair growth
  • promotes longer, thicker hair

Bao Shi vitamins are available in Original, Men’s and Women’s formulas.